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The importance of using Video for marketing your business.

The Importance of video marketing

The importance of using Video for marketing your business.

Video marketing has been around for a long time. Longer than we may think. In 1941 Bulova (A watch and clock manufacturer) ran the first ever commercial on TV during a Yankee game. They spent $4 on it. Fast forward to 2021 and video makes up over 80% of all traffic on the internet today.

If it isn’t already, video should be a big part of any businesses marketing strategy going forward. We spoke with Karl and Nicola from Little Cloud productions in Co Meath to find out more about their video marketing business and to hear from the experts about how important video is for your success.

Little Cloud Productions help business owners communicate directly to their customers using video so that they can see and clearly understand your business – which is vital, and a great way of enabling anyone to become a brand ambassador at the click of a link. Not just a video production company, Little Cloud Productions offer bespoke video strategy systems to all of their customers, partnering with the business to devise ways of deploying video within existing business structures to optimal effect. Uniquely, key to their service is an implementation plan designed to insure the best possible ROI on your investment, and they like to follow up with their clients to make sure that the strategies are working.


“If you’re a business owner, you know just how much precious time you lose having to constantly explain what you do and how it works – we look at your systems and processes and create a video strategy that harnesses your story & vision and puts them to work for you – clawing back that precious time.”  For Little Cloud, your story is their secret weapon. There’s no better way to create trust than to just show up – particularly at the moment, where so much business occurs online, with all the uncertainty (and choice) that that entails. Karl and Nicola find that the most impactful videos are ones where the owner comes out from behind their business and allows people to share in the brand story and connect on a human level.



Karl explained to us that one of the most useful videos that any business can have is a Video Business Card – this is the perfect way for people to get to know you so that when it does come to getting your business out there, this video can introduce you and tell your business story in a fast and effective way, captivating your audience and converting them into clients. Have a look at a recent example of a video business card that they made for their client Vera McEvoy below.


We know there are so many businesses out there now using video marketing to their full advantage and there are fantastic Irish companies like Little Cloud productions that can help you make the most compelling and engaging video for your business. But why is it so important? Here are our top 5 reasons why you need to implement a video strategy into your sales and marketing plan.


  1. Trust


People like buying from people. If your guests and customers see your brand or business on video across the internet they are more likely to buy from you. Video is the easiest and fastest way to get your brands story out there and create an emotional connection with your audience. The travel group Trafalgar used video to promote Ashford Castle to their guests. They used the hotels staff to tell the story of the property and to elicit a sense of emotion of why you as a guest should stay there. See the video below.



  1. Reach


We love talking about reach here in Back Office Marketing. Social media posts with video have 48% more views (The Marketing Helpline) and social video generates 1200% more shares than text and image posts combined (G2 Crowd). So if you want to get your story, special offers or new offerings across to your audience- do it with video.


  1. Brand awareness


97% of marketers claim that videos help customers understand products (Hubspot). The more people know about your business the more guests or customers you can target to visit your business. With video you can target people on all social media channels and on different websites.

  1. Increase your ROI and boost conversions


90% of customers say a video will help them make a purchasing decision (Social media today). Obviously if you are using video to tell people about your hotel/ restaurant or experience and you are building trust, then you will see your conversions rise.


  1. SEO


Search engines love video as they see them as high-quality content. Making sure your video is optimised also with a good meta description and incorporating strong keywords within the title and description is important for SEO. Embedding video on your landing pages as well as on social media is the best way to get your video out there. As Little Cloud productions said- you need to make sure your video is preforming to the max to get the best use out of it.



The growth of video in marketing is happening at a very fast pace. Your business needs to get on this trend sooner rather than later, especially before reopening your businesses post Covid. The market- place is noisy out there- so make sure that you are heard- Little Cloud Productions.


For help on advice on your video content strategy please do not hesitate to contact Helen on

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