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How to market your outdoor activities

Marketing outdoors

Restrictions have started to ease as of today, 26th April 2021. Outdoor visitor attractions and outdoor sporting activities can recommence with some conditions. We are expecting an announcement from government on Thursday as to when the rest of hospitality and tourism businesses can reopen. The presumption from many within industry is outdoor dining will open first. So what’s the best way to market your outdoor services and activities? Whether you are a hospitality or tourism business, these are our top tips for your marketing efforts.


  1. Get it out there

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Make a list of all of your marketing channels- Facebook, Instagram, newsletter, website, local press, google my business etc. Design up a reopening graphic and message and push it out over every available channel. Things are staying local for the short term so think about investing a small amount of money on social media ads. Target your specific audience in your local area to make sure your message is being seen by as many people as possible.


  1. Get visual.
The Importance of video marketing

Video Marketing

Take some pictures of the preparation you are doing for your outdoor activities. Make a short video or reel for Instagram. (See our blog post here on the importance of video in your marketing) Give a sneak peek of what you might be offering on your menu. If you visualise something for your customers then they will want to visit you when you open.


  1. Offer an incentive

Offer your newsletter subscribers a discount to book early. If you don’t have an email list then give people a special offer to sign up. No doubt things will be busy when restrictions lift. But think about the months after the summer when things may be quiet. Offer customers incentives to encourage them to return after the busy months. A discount to return in October for midterm, a 20% off voucher to be used against a meal in September etc


  1. Get creative

Marketing outdoors

Irish people tend to be a bit precious about having to stay outside for dining or other activities. Get creative on how you are going to weather proof your offering. We loved the snugs that the Guinness store house had in their beer garden last summer. Nice and private and they were covered. Harrys on the shack in Portstewart had a great big tent style canopy over their eating area beside the beach too. Think about merchandised blankets that you could sell to customers? (Read our blog post here on the importance of merchanising in your business). Do some research and get creative.


  1. Collaborate

Working together: Let's get back to the business of business | ATM Marketplace


As soon as you start working with other businesses in your area you are creating another marketing channel for your business. Maybe hire a local food truck to sell coffees and cakes at your outdoor attraction. Collaborate with a local attraction to offer a discount to diners in your restaurant. Working together has never been more important.

Spending time in the outdoors will be around for a long time. We all need to pivot our offerings in order to ensure business continuity.


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