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How to get the most out of your social media

How to get the most out of your social media

5 Tips to get the most out of your social media.

Its Friday. I’m working from home, and I am trying to think of some engaging content to put on my clients social media pages for the weekend. We are in the middle of lock down part 3 and we know that people are consuming content on social media channels more than ever. But what are they looking for? In this blog I will give you my top 5 tips on how to get the most out of your social media.

  1. Be Authentic

In the age of filters and photoshop it has become harder and harder to know if businesses are authentic or not. Does your food really look like that or is it clearly a stock image? Displaying your businesses interactions with customers is a must and don’t forget to show your face! Your social media posts reach a much bigger audience when you show your staff, managers and even your own face on social media.


  1. Tell a story

Social media is jam packed with sales posts from businesses selling their products and services. But what makes one different from the other? Why would I stay in one hotel over another? Why would I pick one kayaking trip over another? Telling your story on social media and being relevant to the reader is what stops people mid scroll. Tell your audience about your local suppliers, give them a virtual tour of your shop, show them what its like to work in your business now that there are no customers there. These stories will stay with your audience and bring them back again and again.


  1. Communicate with your audience

You have a content strategy in place, you are taking amazing authentic pictures and videos and you are getting a great reach on your posts. This is all great but are you following through on enquiries that are coming from your page? Are you replying to peoples comments- both good and bad? Are you giving your customers an opportunity to enquire with a call to action button? Having a great content strategy is important but spending the time to listen and engage with your customers is just as important.


  1. Don’t saturate your audience with information

Posting consistently is really important during the pandemic (Read our blog on ensuring business continuity in the Covid age) but posting too much content on some channels is detrimental to your page. Especially too much of the same content. With Facebook, researchers have shown that posting once per day is optimal with two posts at an absolute maximum. Hubspot found that pages under 10,000 fans fan experienced a 50% drop in engagement per post if they posted more than once a day. The opposite is true for twitter with 3-6 tweets being advised. With Instagram you should be posting at least once a week with the optimum being once or twice a day. Avoid posting pictures in quick succession.


  1. Add value

Make sure there is a value proposition in everything you post. You post a picture of the ballroom set up before a wedding arrives- this shows that you value your current guests. Post an offer for St Patricks day dinner- show the value of the offer to your prospective customers. This is the reason that people will follow you and engage with your business on social media- because they see value in doing so.

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