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My top 5 tactics to get your business booming in 2022

My top 5 tactics to get your business booming in 2022

Its not the start to 2022 that we had hoped for with Covid 19 case numbers at an all time high. Hospitality and tourism businesses around the country are finding it hard to operate with little or no staff and demand is also low. We are however, in a much better position than we were this time last year. No new restrictions have come into effect in January and the government have eased restrictions for people entering the Country. We should take this time to focus on our marketing activities for 2022 and plan your main tactics to get your business booming again. Here are my top 5.

1. Get your communications on point.

When I say your communications, I mean every message that you want your prospective customers to hear. Make a calendar of content for your social media posts, send your direct mail ezines at regular intervals to the right audience, change up your internal marketing to reflect your online marketing, and post regularly on google my business profile. Sporadic advertising will only garner results at sporadic times.

2. Perfect your book direct strategy.

Third Party Cookies
Why would you waste money on commissions and fee’s when you don’t have to? If you can’t take bookings direct on your own website, then get that sorted ASAP. Your business will look a lot more professional if people see that they can book direct with you. If you find that a lot of your guests are booking on third party sites, then make sure to let them know the benefits of booking direct with you. Offer them a discount, a complimentary drink, upgrades etc and they will always come to you direct. Saving you A LOT of money in commissions.

One client that I started working with in 2021 is Rory’s Travel Club. He saw that Hotels and guests were spending way too much money on third party booking sites. Many of these sites are not based in Ireland and are making money by charging guests and Hotels extortionate commissions. Rory saw a gap in the market to offer Hotels a way to advertise their special offers (or just normal direct rates) to his subscribers. He charges subscribers €10 per year and in return he sends them the Hotels special offers. So the hotel is saving on commissions and the guest is getting a great deal- much better than the third party website. Send me an email today on to hear more about working with him.

3. Make the most of your online presence.

If you are a tourism or hospitality business then there is a good chance you have an Instagram profile, Facebook profile, Google my business listing and a website. These are all platforms that don’t cost you a penny to advertise (apart from the money that it cost to run your website). Are you posting regularly with good content to all channels- including your website? If not, then start and stay ahead of your competitors.

4. Focus on the customer or guest experience

All the marketing in the world is of little use if you aren’t following through on a great experience for your customers and guests. Be sure to invest in some training for your staff in 2022 and your customers will market your business for you in the form of reviews.

5. Make your staff your ambassadors

Staff retention was hard in 2021 with so much uncertainty in the industry. Hopefully 2022 will see an improvement and staff turnover will reduce considerably. Your staff are your best and most expensive asset so be sure that you are motivating them 100% of the time. Read all about marketing for recruitment and staff retention here. The more you inform your staff about the great offerings you have in your business, the more likely they are to tell their friends and family about it too! Free advertising again!

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