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Is your Google Business Profile up to date?

Is your Google Business Profile up to date?

The importance of having an up-to-date Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) has never been more important. Your customers are using Google for everything these days and searching for businesses is one of the top activities. If you aren’t up to date- you won’t be found.

On a recent trip to the USA, we used Google daily to look for restaurants, opening times for parks, and for places to stay. I was amazed at how many businesses weren’t keeping their listings up to date and how many businesses weren’t even featuring on Google! Here are our top 5 must haves on your Google Business Profile to keep your business front and centre for your customers.

  1. Recent images

Up to date imagery is important for all your online channels. When a customer looks at your profile on Google, images will pop up straight away. Make sure they are up to date and relevant- and always try to have a few images of staff in there too.

  1. Opening times

There is nothing more annoying than looking to see if a business is open and there being no information on opening hours. Make sure to have all of your opening hours included here. Google will even prompt you to change them over holiday periods, so you won’t forget.

  1. Contact information

Make sure to include all of your contact information on your Google Business Profile- phone number, email, and the link to your website.

  1. FAQ’S

Frequently asked questions are a great way to get people onto your website quickly and people love when they have information quickly without too much hassle. Make a list of all the questions people usually ask you and get them up there with answers.

  1. Posts with links.

If you have posts going up on social media, then be sure to include them on your Google Business Profile. It’s another opportunity to direct people to your website and free advertising for an event or new offering.

Here at Back Office Marketing, we can keep all of your social media channels, website and Google Business Profile up to date on a weekly basis. We work closely with our clients to make sure all of your content is relevant and providing a return on investment. To talk to Helen or Philip today about your marketing needs, just email

Helen Leddy

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